Pass-Go, a New Graphical Password Scheme, Hai Tao, Master thesis, Univeristy of Ottawa, Canada, June 2006. [pdf]

Hai Tao and Carlisle Adams, Pass-Go: A Proposal to Improve the Usability of Graphical Passwords, International Journal of Network Security, vol. 7, no. 2, 2008, pp. 273-292. [pdf]

Pass-Go is a graphical password scheme in which a user selects the intersections of a grid as a way to input a password. Pass-Go was inspired by the Go Game, an old Chinese game.

Pass-Go, 中文可以称为“围棋密码”,是一种图形密码机制:在一个类似于围棋盘的网格上,用户通过在网格交叉点上点击或滑动,画出点和线等图案,从而形成一种图形密码。